South Bay United Airlines Retirees Club

Creating Social Connections

A Special Thanks To Our Esteemed Guest Presenters!

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Note:  We are not responsible for content found on the following websites, nor do we monitor them regularly. 

Basim Jaber:  Umunhum Conservancy Board & USAF 682nd Radar Squadron Veterans Association

Mrs. Georgia Nielsen:  United Airlines Historical Foundation

Dawn Haskin:  Alzheimer Association - Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer

Master John Ozuna:  KO Kung Fu Karate - Senior Self Defense

Glenndini:  Close-Up Magic

Dr. David A Smith:  Keep Moving and Exercise

Dr. Carol Moison:  Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Susan Wilturner:  Self-Esteem and Positive Thinking

Dr. Karl Knoff:  Chair and Water Exercise - Stretching and More

Jeff Scales:  Security While Shopping and Avoiding Scams